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HOOKED UP with Tom Colicchio

HOOKED UP is a new fishing show featuring host Tom Colicchio, more commonly known for his role as the head judge on Top Chef, as we follow him and his guests on their nautical journey. Tom’s guests and friends are top athletes, famous musicians, as well as TV and movie stars. The fishing is hot, the booze is cold, the conversations are candid, and it all reminds me of a modern-day take on Fishing with John.

In this episode Jane’s Addiction and Satellite Party frontman, Perry Farrel, and his wife Etty Lau join Tom for a day of sailfishing. Farrell shares his views on drugs, prostitution, philanthropy, and the future of Lollapalooza.

HOOKED UP is available on Reserve Channel, an original youtube channel that provides access to some of the most extraordinary and compelling original programming for free!

SUP sailfish
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SUP Sailfish!

I toyed with the idea of getting a stand up paddleboard this spring but instead went with a kayak. Seeing amazing catches like this makes me wish wish I went with the SUP instead! This must have been one wild ride!

image via Dave Miller

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