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Save 30% on Our Fish Species Mobile Phone Cases

Didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas this year? Well right now you can save 30% on a brand new Fishing Fury mobile phone (or tablet) case! As always if you have any suggestions or requests for these just let us know.

The brook trout case above is our best-selling case, but we have several other species including carp, smallmouth bass, tarpon, rainbow trout, and more!


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Tarpon Grand Cayman

If you’ve ever caught a tarpon, the site of these incredible fish schooling is sure to get your heart racing!

This school of Tarpons was filmed at Turtle Reef, Grand Cayman. Many schools are around the Island and they stay more or less together on the same spot during the day. I love the mysterious look of them, moving slowly in swim through and under ledges. It was also the first time I saw a Remora on a Tarpon

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Every good fly fishing documentary needs a bit of danger and adversity, but I don’t know if getting your passports stolen at knife point on the very first part of your journey is really the danger I was talking about. Nevertheless when faced with this kind of challenge the crew of GEOFISH persevere and keep on fishing!

…A fly fishing exploration from the Pacific Northwest to the bottom of South America…

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