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Offshore Kayak Fishing Trip Takes a Dangerous Turn

I just had one of the most epic adventures of my entire life. The day before Independence Day I set out for a four-day kayak fishing excursion to the Texas coast. I would end up pushing my limits to the max, having a brush with death, and catching some amazing fish in the process. This was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. Here is my story…

I loaded up the kayak and all of my fishing and camping gear and began the long journey from Dallas to Corpus Christi, TX. I arrived after dark and drove along the beach to my campsite. Straight off shore on the horizon I could see the blinking lights of my destination: the Mayan Princess oil rigs. I pitched my tent near the water and climbed in, thinking of nothing but the adventure that lied ahead.

When I awoke the conditions were ideal: the surf was flat, the wind was calm, and the water looked like glass beyond the breakers. I was amazed at the beauty of this place; it was not at all what I think of when I hear “Texas coast”. The sand was white, the water green and clear, and hardly any seaweed in sight. At around 7:00 AM the guys I was meeting began to arrive so we loaded up our kayaks and set off into the surf.

The three mile journey to the oil rigs could only be described as pleasant and serene. I saw a piece of trash floating in the water so I pedaled over to grab it and throw it in my kayak. My hand stopped inches above the bag when I realized it was not a bag but a huge Man o’ War. I looked up and realized they were everywhere. Needless to say, I elected not to go for a swim that day.


I was trolling on the journey out, and as I approached the first rig, BOOM one of my reels starts screaming as the line peels off the reel. I grabbed the rod, tightened the drag, and held on for the ride. The water clarity this far out was simply incredible. A half hour into the fight, I looked down and could see a beautiful shade of yellow and gray over 20 feet below me.

Jack Crevalle Underwater

I had hooked into a gorgeous Jack Crevalle. This thing put up an incredible fight. I pulled it up into the boat and was grinning from ear to ear. I had landed my first deep-sea fish from the kayak, and it felt amazing.

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Behold The 12-Foot Kayak You Can Store Under Your Sofa

This amazing plastic origami boat is the Oru Kayak. Unfolded it’s a 12-foot kayak, fully capable of keeping an 260-pound adult afloat, yet it folds down so compact (33″x29″x10″) that you can carry or store it just about anywhere. You can preorder yours today for $850 with a $500 down payment and it will (hopefully) be delivered to you this summer.

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Ranger Custom Finish Shop
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Ranger Boats Custom Finish Shop

Have you ever dreamed of customizing every last inch and detail of a Ranger boat to create the bass boat of your dreams? Of course you have! That’s why Ranger has released the new custom finish shop where you can tweak, paint, and customize just about every detail*. Show us what your dream boat look like!

Ranger Custom Finish Shop

* For the best experience a high-speed internet connection is highly recommended.

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Troll Boat

This crazy boat re-defines trolling. This unusual creation is designed by artist Julien Berthier and is just one of many odd creations he has done. The boat, named Love-love, looks like it’s sinking, but actually has a motor that makes it fully functional. No word on how it maneuvers, but I’m guessing not terribly well!

Troll boat Love Love

Love-love is the permanent and mobile image of a wrecked ship that has become a functional and safe leisure object.

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