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Flooding Across Europe – Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Spain

Thousands of people across Europe have been displaced by major flooding due to heavy rain. The man in the photo below was obviously quite lucky, both for catching a fish, and for not being in areas where the flood waters reached over 3 feet!

A local resident carries a fish, just caught on a flooded street, in the village of Felsohamor, Hungary, Sunday, May 16, 2010. The local River Szinva burst its banks flooding residential areas which residents tried to protect with sandbags seen at rear. (AP Photo/Bela Szandelszky)

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I really love Boston’s Big Picture features, I’d also like to hope that one day I could do something like that here with Fishing Fury. But until that time, this image should serve as inspiration.

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Cyril from wrote to us to tell us about this monstrous Marmoratta Trout caught on a fly in Slovenia (Soca River). Clearly he wasn’t kidding when he said it was huge, but he also says it’s the largest Marmoratta Trout ever caught on a fly!

Huge Marmoratta on the fly!

I’m not sure what the current record is, but these photos clearly speak for themselves! The fish weighted in at 22.5Kg, that’s almost 50 pounds (!!), and was 120cm, almost 4 feet long!

Cyril also mentioned that the reel is a Vivarelli, which apparently some people criticize as only being good for catching small fish. We’ll it looks like that myth just got shattered in to a million pieces.

All photos were taken by Maurizio Maule, and there are many more after the break!

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