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Behold The Amphibious Trailer- Der Schwimmcaravan!

First of all, let me just say this amphibious trailer is amazing! Combine that with the amphibious car I want and you’ll probably never hear from me again.

This German-designed Sealander floating camper has a double-sealed air chamber and a bowl-shaped bottom designed to keep you afloat whether your walking around or sleeping, and the shallow undercarriage means it you can launch from just about anywhere. Even places that don’t have a boat launch. The price tag will set you back about 20K, and there’s no information on availability outside of the EU.

via Gizmodo

Hopefully the amphibious ice cream truck comes by when you’re out on a hot summer day.

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Otto The Octopus Is Tired Of This Shit

Otto is a local resident of the Sea Star Aquarium in Coburg, Germany, and he’s starting a rebellion. At first it he tried redecorating his tank a few times, but when that diidn’t satisfy his boredom he started throwing stones at the glass, and juggling the neighborhood Hermit Crabs.

These days Otto has moved on to new and more dangerous tricks. Staff were forced to camp out near Otto’s tank to witness his newest tantrum. They discovered that Otto became annoyed by the bright light shining into his tank and discovered that he could extinguish it by climbing onto the rim of his tank and squirting a jet of water in the lights direction. This short-circuited the light and the whole electricity supply for the aquarium and threatened the lives of the other animals when the water pumps stopped.

via The Telegraph