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Name That Fish!

It’s been a while since we have done played “Name That Fish” so here is a hard one for all you fish experts out there!

name that fish

Tip: This fish is found in Indonesia.

The answer is Stargazer! via National Geographic

Photograph by Jennifer Jo Stock
Indonesia—Off the east coast of Sulawesi, on the bottom of the Lembeh Strait, the wide-eyed face of a foot-long stargazer emerges through black volcanic sand. These fish, named for the eyes atop their heads, ambush their prey.

Enthusiasts Gather For Traditional Kite Festival
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Behold The Shark Kite

This amazing kite comes to us from the Bali Kite Festival in Indonesia. This seasonal religious festival is intended to send a message to the Hindu Gods to bless the crops and provide an abundant harvest this year. Over 1000 traditional kites were flown during the festival, but only one bad ass shark.

Enthusiasts Gather For Traditional Kite Festival

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