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Another Animal Death Mystery

Thousands of dead turtle doves fell from the sky in Faenza, Italy in yet adding to all the other strange animal deaths happening around the world. Adding to the mystery the birds were all found with strange blue stains on their beaks.

This mystery however, was just a case of indigestion caused by overeating. The turtle doves gorged themselves on seeds, which caused indigestion and hypoxia, the lack of oxygen eventually killed them.

Really though, bird deaths aren’t that uncommon– that said you can now track the “Aflockalypse” on google maps.

via Daily Mail.

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New Wels Catfish World Record

I love reading about new world records, especially when its a freshwater fish that exceeds 250 pounds! This enormous wels catfish is nearly 8 pounds more then the current world record!

Guided by IGFA Certified Captain Alberto Bartoli and using shrimp forbait, Roberto Godi of Arcole Veroma, Italy landed a potential IGFA All-Tackle record after catching a wels (Silurus glanis) on February 5. The giant fish weighed 113.5 kg (250 lb 3 oz) which Godi caught while fishing Italy’s River Po. He said the fish fought for 45 minutes before he was able to pull it to shore onto a smooth surfaced mat where it was weighed, photographed and released alive. The current IGFA record is 242 lb 8 oz (110 kg) caught February 2009 also from the River Po.

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Mystery Pike No More

I got an email the other day with some info on the mystery pike we posted last year. Looks like this beauty was definitely caught in Italy as we had first believed. The second mystery pike was caught in France! I can’t confirm yet if they are 100% true, but at least its a start!

30kg pike
I only wanted to tell you that the monstrous pike in the photo in the attachment has been caught in the 2006/2007 winter in the Lake Maggiore, in northern Italy and it was released after the photo.

Huge Italian pike?
This fish was caught in France. It was in a lake which name is Pareloup (in Aveyron). The lucky fishermen were Philippe COSTE and Arnaud FOISSAC and the fish’s weight was 19,4kg (43Lbs) and the length was 1.37m (53.9 in)

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