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Clive Vs. The Barracuda

Our rental carLiving on an island has it benefits, namely you are close to the water no matter where you are. Unfortunately for myself and my girlfriend Gillian, we live on top of a mountain. We can see the ocean, but getting to it involves a bit of effort. We have no car, so whenever we need to go somewhere we must rely on our feet and on the kindness of strangers. On the morning of October 17th, we hitchhiked our way in to town to rent a car, get a fishing license and to do some fishing!

It didn’t take long for someone to give us a ride, and once we got into town we immediately headed to the government building to get the license. I started filling out the forms needed and once I was done I handed it in and was then told I only need a license if I am fishing from a boat. We told them we had no boat and we would be shore fishing. They seemed surprised and sent us on our way.

GillianNext stop was the car rental office, and within minutes we were in our funny little car on the way to start fishing. We drove toward the west end of Tortola and stopped at place that offered some deep water and plenty of large rocks. I started casting large Rapalas hoping for a barracuda or something large, while Gillian relied on small jigs to catch something small. It didn’t take long for Gillian to catch her first fish- a small brightly colored yellowtail snapper. She was very pleased with herself and smiled as though she had caught something huge. We fished for a while with no luck until a local guy came by and started to fish with a hand spool, and offered us some of his bait. I accepted, and he handed me a large chunk of squid which I cut up and started to use. We had several bumps on the line, but we usually ended up with an empty hook. Before we ran out of bait Gillian got her second fish, a small squirrel fish, and then we headed home.

Yellowtail Snapper Squirrel-Fish Clive

We had rented the car specifically so I could drop Gillian off at the airport because she was heading to Nova Scotia to visit her family for a couple weeks. We put aside as much time to fish as possible, but at the end of the day only Gillian had landed any fish. The next morning we awoke with the sunrise and I dropped Gillian at the airport on the east end of the island and decided to fish a channel nearby. I parked out car in front of a new housing development and checked out the area. I immediately spotted a large school of small fish that was almost as big as a football field and I knew that sooner or later there would be large fish moving in to feed. I casted silver colored Rapala minnows into the big school hoping for the best. It did not take long for the first fish to hit my bait. It was a average sized lizard fish which hit the lure right near shore. These fish often sit at the bottom on sand and blend in very well, and then lunge out at any potential food.