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09-10-2012, 02:01 AM
I have had the chance to stay at the Onaping Lake Lodge for 10 days or so, mainly for a geology school trip, although I definitely brought my fishing gear with me! The lodge is located west of Sudbury, on a huge and very VERY deep lake. The lodge has camps all along the entire lake, with remote camps to the north end, while the main camp is at the southern end.

Their website is at: http://www.onaping.ca/

Jack, the lodge owner, is a great guy to talk to, and provides great services for boating. At the main camp, he maintains an excellent and very long dock, and actually takes around 10 minutes to walk from one edge of the dock to the other side! The dock is kept in good quality, and evidence of great service can be seen from their high-capacity of boats on their several hundred meter long dock!

In general, the lake is very big, in a north to south direction. The sides of the lake drop off very steeply, at around 5~10ft from the shoreline. The species that I have encountered while there are: pike (and a lot of it), smallmouth bass, and walleye. There are also yellow perch and lake trout, although i have not had the chance to encounter them.

While I only rented a cabin there, renting an aluminum fishing boat is $65/day, which i think is a great price. I really recommend anyone who wishes to fish in the Sudbury region to try this lodge. The simple fact of their excellent dock and boats is enough to convince me!

The abundance of pike and bass are also another good reason to go there, although these two fish live in different areas of the lake. Also, having a good sonar is a definite need, as the lake is very deep, even at the edge of the lake, and from what I have heard from Jack, bass, perch and walleye all feed near the bottom or "deep" as compared to other lakes.

I have caught many pikes casting from shore, using deep-diving Koppers Live Target Perch, and also silver-reflective chrome X-raps are great for both pike and bass. I felt that surface lures and shallow-diving lures are ignored, since the lake is so deep. It was unfortunate that my trusty top-water popper failed to get a single strike in 10 days from bass or pike.