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10-01-2012, 08:33 PM
Hello fishermen. Thanks for welcoming us to your community.

We’d like to introduce ourselves to all the members here and show our support for fun and safe fishing.

We are a small company in California specializing in making innovative and high quality products sourced from American materials. Our goal is to support American businesses, and with the help of our customers, continue to maintain and create American jobs.

If you find yourself frequently catching small fish, you are already good at micro-fishing! A micro-sport fishing set-up will make it more exciting to land the little guys!

All of our reels are T6 6061 Machined Aluminium reel with Teflon bushings and come strung with Berkley® NanoFil and Tiemco® #26 hook (unless otherwise specified).

These Rods & Reels also make great gifts for young anglers, fans of functional scaled equipment, or anyone who just loves fishing.

We can create custom poles with desired breaking strength (within reason), thread color choices, lengths, custom handle colors, foam/cork options, heavy micro rigs, Ultimate rigs (like the MSF Mark-1 (http://micro-sport-fishing.myshopify.com/collections/micro-sport-fishing-rods-reels) available and in stock), ultralite rigs, etc. Please contact us to arrange any special orders, or to inquire about additional options.

Thank you for support of our Micro-Sport Fishing products!

Take a look at some of the products in action!

Our Homepage (http://www.micro-sportfishing.com/)
Email us (http://about<strong></strong>:blank)

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/QljrcfvjR-Yi5ScKklLkczAWbkGvl0nQly1xFpGfpmtcFNarcQbpTCIUQL73-Dpfom6QxEgf628MI_lz6o-DHJcIAmzWEaTZVwFANeKUI-qOSZBQL8BNhttps://lh6.googleusercontent.com/DtA5t-IuRhvTsYnXqDnsQDV37KgAaIRAQjHz7yqWkxgQcFn_wGRzOxJH lhe4OmIXzEoD5ZQ4rJHdOtbV8JV0aqSqRHCD18fLJI58zbD667 dntvGT2KJd