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08-21-2013, 08:41 AM
Hello everybody. Been 2 months of fishing in Northern Ontario (Kirkland Lake area) and it's been super busy! I'm wondering if fellow FF forum-goers can help me identify a lure that I've lost recently.

I've had it for at least 7 years, and even then, the lure was most likely old stock. Iíve bought it at Pro J Fishing Tackle, at Sheppard Ave E and Warden Ave in Toronto, but it was years ago, before they renovated and brought in all the expensive Japanese lures. I havenít gone back to ask them yet, since Iím currently in Northern Ont.

The lure is a 3Ē top water popper, and 1/4oz if I remember correctly. Main distinct features are:

Lure was packaged in a clear, hard-plastic rectangular box, with a ďdoorĒ on the front; the box was very well made and reusable
Colour scheme was lime-green on top, silver on bottom, normal holographic eyes (not painted dots), pale-pink mouth; the line was tied to a metallic hoop in the middle of the mouth; did not have gill vents
The back treble hook was SMALL, 1cm in width; the hook material was black, and wire was thick; there were some red/white feathers on the hook, bound to the hook with bright-red thread
The vibration of the popper sounded very light and tight, as if there were several TINY beads
I believe the lure may be of Japanese origins, but Iím not 100% confident
I paid less than $10 when I bought it, maybe around $6 or so

This popper has been with me ever since I started getting into fishing, and is probably the second lure Iíve ever bought. Since then, itís caught at least 24 small-mouth bass, all of which smoked and annihilated the lure. Sadly, this lure was taken from me after a very strong 2lb smallie fought and pulled the knot apart. I could only watch as the tired smallie faded into the depths after I brought it to shore but failed to lift it out.

The outside box looks extremely similar to the following picture, as well as the size of the rear hook. Unfortunately, the shape does not quite match, and neither does the price. The bottom lure is $20+, while the lure I am seeking was around $6.


Thanks for everybody that helped me look for it.

08-22-2013, 08:18 PM
Never seen them before. But I'll keep my eyes out for you. I normally see lures in those types of boxes in the bargin bins, so I'll do a bit of digging too.

08-22-2013, 09:45 PM
Thanks a lot! I was very surprised as to how well the lure did as compared to others for catching smallmouth bass. For some unknown reason, the combination of size/vibration/colour/etc made it absolutely perfect for smallies. I remember times where I had strikes for every single cast, back to back. Was pretty cheap too~