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07-23-2009, 10:48 AM
So I have been switching a lot of the treble hooks on my saltwater lures for singles. Itís just so much easier to deal with unhooking a flapping fish when you only have to get one hook out of its mouth and it can get dangerous to have even more trebles jerking around as well. I havenít felt that Iíve been missing hits so itís pretty much win-win.

My question is: have any of you guys tried this with fresh water lures? I know some of the lures used for big pike and musky are pretty close to the ones I use for stripers and bluefish. What about the smaller lures for bass and such? I have one inline spinner that came with a single hook but all the others I seen/used have trebles.

07-23-2009, 11:50 AM
To me it all depends on the lure you are using. I have no problem with trebles when using the Williams spoons, this is probably due to the fact they are great strong trebles and are big enough that they are easy to extract out of the mouth. We use a lot of single hooks when fishing in the weeds, usually JSM(Johnson Silver Minnows). With the single hook you have to be better at 'setting' the hook then you do with trebles. I have never had problems with the JSM though, and it makes it so easy to unhook your toothy critters. One of the big reasons I do not use Rapalas and stickbaits as much as others is if the fishing is hot you spend alot of time taking the 2 or 3 sets of trebles out of the mouth and/or net! On a side note I have a group of 4 heading up to Northern Manitoba next year, and I will be using alot more single hooks there(its a Manitoba fishing law). So I should have a better feeling for it then.

For Bass fishing I will stay with my sharp trebles on my crankbaits and not even think about singles. Same goes for Walleye, except in Spring where we use Jigs or Worm Harnesses.

Of course the only fish that really causes any problems out of the water for me is Pike, the others don't really have the power of Blues or Stripers. Of course with a good pair of snips the trebles can be easier to get out.

07-23-2009, 01:47 PM
When I bass fish with spinner baits I often cut off one of the points so its a double instead of a treble

07-24-2009, 12:34 PM
I've read few article about this.But i've never tryed yet. Sure it ll be easier to deal with fish but i don't feel confident to replace treble hooks by single on hard bait. i just replace the three trble hooks by two treble abit bigger. I thinks it's a little less harmfull for bass especially with top water lure when bass are jumping around.
Do you lost more fish with single hooks?

07-24-2009, 01:28 PM
Personally I find that a single hook the same size as the treble (I mean really the same length not the same size number) gives me a better hook set because itís a significantly bigger hook in general. Also, itís my opinion that single hooks are not as damaging to the fish since theyíre easier to get out and have only one penetration point.

I have had some fish hit the lure that probably would have gotten hooked with trebles but didnít on the single. I definitely lose less fish once theyíve been hooked using a single.

Again, all of this is based on experience with large baits.

What do you guys think of replacing the last hook on a hard bait with a single and leaving the front on a treble? Or perhaps just removing the middle treble on a three hook bait?

07-24-2009, 01:50 PM
i haven't got the feeling to lost fish with just two treble hooks as if three trebles were on the lure at the origin but most of them are between 4 inch and 5 inch the problem is maybe more accurate with bigger lures.
I wanted to try with single lures but as if it won't really be possible for me to go fishing in the next two month i ll have to wait.