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07-24-2009, 08:19 AM
I think that it would maybe be interesting betwin all the kind of hooks we can found to spare our experiments and our preferences.
So I'll start

Fly fishing:
All kind of gamakatsu hooks
Trout fishing:
natural bait ( worms)VMC vanadium from size 2 too 6
spiner depend
eagle claw
trebble hooks vmc
Sea Bass
Hard bait
Owner ST46,56, 66
the ST 31 aren't strong enough
natural bait
VMC in all size

07-24-2009, 09:54 AM
For fresh water I use almost exclusively Gamakatsu and Lunker City hooks. I pretty much just leave the hooks on lures alone.

For salt water I use a huge variety but I sharpen the points into a “broadhead” shape.

I’m a big fan of circle hooks and try to use them whenever I’m using natural bait or something imitating natural bait like Gulp sandworms or something.

07-24-2009, 11:05 AM
90% of my lure fishing is done with trebles.

But when presenting a baited hook, I fish with the patterns I brought over from the UK, simply because Ive found that quite alot of the tackle here is quite 'crude'

Almost all the time I fish with spade hooks, as they give a much better presentation. Back in the uk fishing on canals in the middle of winter, waiting for that one or two bites, Ive fished hook sizes down to 26, and 1.1lb line! If you ever got to fish matches in europe/ and more specifically the UK, you'd understand just how much presentation makes the difference between catching and not.

08-04-2009, 05:12 PM
- 4/0 tube jig with a gammy 3/8ths and heavier for tubes
-2/0 downshot for dropshot typically by owner always , or mosquito hook whatever your pref
- 5/0 offset for worms , flipping tubes , craws .. switching to trokar
- 5/0 swimbait hook by mustad for swimbaits , usually because of the lack in stock , i buy the one without the weights and get the pack of swimbait weights to crimp on myself 1/4 ounce ...
- senkos wacky i use again owner soon to switch to trokar , mosquito hook is the best for me 2/0

for trebles , i buy the offset treble by david fritts , it has one of the trebles longer almost looks like a worm hook. I like this because you will be able to pin that fish on the treble and that ofset hook has most shaft to completely penetrate the fishes lip if its a bruiser..

i think that covers all the hooks i use...