View Full Version : Calling All Sponsors

02-22-2009, 06:28 PM
Fishing Fury is now proudly accepting sponsors! Were already starting to feel the limits of our current dreamhost account, and while its great to see our readership growing steadily we need to maintain the same exciting experience were used to under limited resources. The cost of upgrading to a private server is about $15/month more and up, depending on the resources youd like to have available to you. Im hoping that we can offset those costs with a few sponsors and hopefully some merchandise in only a few months.

A big shout out to Rockstar Lures our very first sponsor! http://www.rockstarlures.com


We're still hammering out all the details, but if you or your company would like to be a sponsor please contact us for details. We're also working on special sponsorship deals for companies that want to do product reviews, giveaways, and contests. mailto:[email protected] (http://mailto:[email protected])