View Full Version : Are anglers getting swindled by retailers?

03-27-2010, 12:33 AM
I recently moved up north to Richmond Hill, and left all the nearby fishing tackle shops of north york... Since I don't have a car (yet), I've been going to my local canadian tire shop to spend all my new-years money.

I don't know if all Canadian Tires are like the ones at Bayview/Hwy 7, but there's been so many fishing items on sale!

I must have spent like $100 on lures and on average they cost $3 per package!

Here's a list of the lootie on sale :D

thunderstick AJ60 naturistic perch - $1.93 x2
erie dearie spinner-jig - $2.00
blue fox vibrax double header spinner - $2.00
Suspending wildeye swimbait (3 pack), perch and white pattern- $3.00 x4
1 eye jack, 1/2 oz spoon - $3.00
berkley gulp 4" minnow worm (12 pack) - $4.00
storm intense swim shad (3 pack) - $2.00
wild eye swim shad (6pack), 3/8 and 7/8oz - $3.00 x2
hybrid hard body/soft tail crank baits by storm - $3.00 x2
and some other ones I can't think of....

This made me think... Canadian tire is either losing money selling these, or we are all getting ripped off badly when we normally buy things... I mean, a storm thunderstick jerk bait for $1.93! a normal one is at least $5, so the rest is all profit for the retailers >_>

Do you guys think that anglers are getting swindled for their money?

Considering the prices of domestic (US and canadian) lures of a crank/jerk bait is on avg $8 and swim baits are all $15+, my local bait shop had a new stock of japanese imports, with price labels of $15+ for big blade baits and japanese brand jerk/crank baits... those products made me feel like my wallet will burn a hole through my jeans if I even took look at them!

03-27-2010, 01:08 AM
They could be clearing out old stock perhaps. Bargin bins are always great. At the sportsmens show i found a bin that had lucky craft 91 pointers 3 for $17 bucks, normally theyre 20-25 EACH!!

03-27-2010, 08:34 AM
Those are crazy prices, they gotta be selling at a loss!

MY guess is you'll be seeing many of those products coming in with new package designs - or CT just wanted to move them out to make room for something else. They do have some pretty good sales this time of year either way!

03-26-2011, 01:40 PM
its rather obvious that Retailers are going to make down the price of some lures especially when there
unit sizes get low enough. larger retailers like Canadian Tire afford to mark the price up of some of the
more popular lures because they know people will just buy them anyway. I have seen Beleivers and Stud
finders priced about four $ more then they would normally be at an actual tackle shop. this was at the
Canadian tire in Bellville.

be consious about who charges the most for tackle and ofcource avoid paying prices you
dont want to settle for. no big deal. not something worth mulling over as far as im concerned. generaly
if it costs more for the retailer to get the units they need to make money then the price will go
up simple as that. we are not getting ripped off. its the economey that is changing.

03-30-2011, 04:33 PM
Ebay every time for me, but i do have to stop hitting the buy it now button when i'm looking at the Japanese stuff, those Lures are so detailed and well made but come with such a heafty price tag that they are more like fancy ornaments than Fishing Lures!