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02-06-2011, 08:25 PM
After debating between a the Patriarch and the Shimano CI4 microline I decided to pick up the Patriarch. I was just wondering if anyone knows whether I need to use tape backing on the good spool that comes with the reel. The spool seems to be a partially carbon spool.

02-07-2011, 12:09 AM
I use a little bit of tape on almost all of my reels unless there is a hole to tie to.

02-07-2011, 03:43 PM

02-08-2011, 11:00 AM
I use a little duct tape.

02-08-2011, 11:33 AM
New powerpro comes with several strips of tape that you can use on the spool. You might not know this until you dismantle the back of the packaging and look inside the little booklet. I found this out last year after I already spooled up and took the box apart to see how they made their line feeder packaging.

02-08-2011, 03:11 PM
You're right, I forgot about those. I found them after the fact as well.