View Full Version : Border City Classic - June 25th - Windsor/Detroit

03-30-2011, 04:53 PM
If you are a kayak angler or someone that is interested in trying the sport then you will need to mark this event on your calender. The Border City Classic is a kayak fishing tournament that will span the entire stretch of the Detroit River on June 25th. This is a catch-photo-release format tournament open to all forms of green powered water craft. Rubber ducks to wind powered kayak, canoe or bathtub you are all welcome.

Our main prize will be an Ocean Kayak Torque. Which is a motorized kayak and one of the newest evolutions in our sport. With entry you will receive a kayak draw ticket.
So anyone that pays entry will have a shot at winning the main prize worth over $2000. The Prize list doesn't stop there. We will have all kinds of other win-ables.

Entry Fee is set up at $40 CAD and we have limited space this first year due to the location of our dinner. So you need to register as soon as you can for whats bound to be the best kayak fishing event in the area.
For more information on Payment. Click PAYMENT DETAILS (http://xkfx.ca/2011_cka_cross_canada_tour/border_city_classic)
For More information about fishing on the Canadian side for the border then Click CANADIAN FORUM (http://www.canadiankayakanglers.com)

06-22-2011, 05:33 PM
Well This upcoming weekend is the big event! If anyone on here wants to come but doesnt have a kayak then let me know. We have 7 more brand new Wilderness System kayaks to get you into. There is camping not far from the event that others from around Toronto are using. 40$ gets you a bunch of great stuff, free kayak use, dinner, fishing towel, hat and raffle ticket for the Ocean kayak Torque. We have about 25 people preregistered and expect more last minute entries and day of entries. This is the first year for the event and has already opened a few big doors to make it a monster event for 2012 with a big US/CAN presence. If you are interested in this event please email me at [email protected] I can help you to figure out anything. I also know of someone willing to carpool from around Burlington if anyone needs a ride. Jeff