View Full Version : New member looking for fishing partners

06-24-2011, 10:58 PM
Hello everyone,Just found this forum while looking for information on buying a bait-caster rig and saw all the messages from those in the Toronto area.After reading through several messages, it appeared to be a wealth of info here and would like to get a chance to meet up with some of you on your fishing expeditions. http://www.fishingfury.com/vb4/images/smilies/RpS_wink.gifI just dug out my gear and see that it's time to get some new stuff, I found 1 rod with a broken tip and a spinning reel with the the bail trigger busted. Not sure if it would be worth fixing or just replace it. I am very interested in moving away from just spinning gear and into both Fly and bait- casting gear. It would be great to hear comments from members of the forum here.I am looking to get out this weekend, as I sit here late Friday evening with my table full of tackle urging me on to explore new fishing challenges.Now! where to fish? And what to fish for....To the administrator of this site I would like to send my regards for a great site.Everyone please have a great weekend.Bill