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08-17-2011, 01:08 AM
Hello Guys!
I found this site while trying to find out if there are any good fishing spots closer to where I live.
I started fishing last year with Carp from G.Ross Lord park.
I've caught few yellow perches from stoufville resevoir as well this year, and bunch of small fishes that I do not know the name of from too good pond inUunionville.

But often times, I ended up coming back without ever catching anything.

I want to increase my chances of catching a fish by learning more spots and techniques on this site.

I plan to go to Toronto Island this weekend to see if I can catch anything. (I don't care what I catch as long as its bigger than my finger)
I always catch and release because I see no point of keeping the fish.

When you guys say go straight when you get off the fairy, do you mean the red area or the black area?

I was thinking of using worms. My equipment is very limited, should I buy a spoon/spinner? How big should they big? What # hook should I use? Should I take some shrimp? (When they say that they use shrimp as bait, do they mean grey uncooked or pink cooked shrimp?) Should the bait be floated or on the ground?

Sorry for bombarding so many questions. I wish the catch something other than carp. putting corn on a hook and waiting forever can be done at G.Ross Lord Park.

08-17-2011, 03:48 PM
Hey welcome aboard! The area you've lined in red is the area that we typically suggest people to try first in fact that whole channel there is nice as well as the u shaped bay on the opposite shore.

As for baits, worms and gulp sinking minnows are great baits for bass. Spinnerbaits are good too but I like them better for pike early in the season, #3-#5 are great sizes. Not sure about the shrimp question though, I don't even eat those things so you will probably never catch me using them for bait (unless maybe im in the Florida keys fishing for bonefish or permit- and in that case their live shrimp)