View Full Version : Fenwick Elite Tech Smallmouth and Elite Tech River Runner Spinning Rods

11-19-2011, 05:27 PM
Been looking at these 2 rods and just looking for some feed back on them. Looking at the 6'9" M/XF and MLF in the Smallmouth series . The reel will be a Pflueger Supreme XT 9230 . Will be using 1/16 to 3/16oz jigs w/3" grubs , 3" ripple shad & minnow's and live bait rigging . The River Runner rod is the 7'6" which will be used for all around Crappie fishing will have a Pflueger Supreme XT 9225 hung under it . Thanks

11-25-2011, 09:07 PM
Cant go wrong with Fenwick IMO, but personally I'd have a look at Kistler rods too - they have weekly deals going on now clearing out 2011 rods to make room for the new ones. I picked up one earlier this year and fell in love with it! http://www.fishingfury.com/tags/kistler-rods/

02-05-2012, 02:42 PM
I have the light action River Runner. Awesome rod.
I came across it because I was at the shops looking for a 'Light" action rod, and you'd be amazed how few manufacturers make a 2 piece straight up "light" action rod (a ton of medium light/ultralight).
This thing is light as air, but I've caught 3-4lb smallies and largies on it, great fight but never out of control.
The sensitivity with weightless plastics, deadsticking senkos, or dropshoting with lighter weight is amazing.
I have it paired up with a little Shimano Sedona reel and 10lb Yellow Powerpro, usually use a flouro leader when I'm working it slow.

I did run into a problem with the rod, getting to shore one day at Canal lake after bringing in a dozen good size bass I was probably a little tired and let the tip graze against the grass on my way back to the cottage. Well it snapped super easy and there was a $120 broken rod just like that (I think most rods would have held up to that). The great thing was that Fenwick does have lifetime warranty on these, and they replaced my River Runner within 2 or 3 weeks through the mail no problem (even though it was my fault).

The light action is like a unltralight to be honest, I bet the Small Mouth version is nails!
Since then I've added a medium action HMG and biting the bullet this week and picking up a Quantum Smoke Baitcaster reel to go with the Medium-Heavy Smoke rod I scored this weekend at Lebaron.

Can't go wrong with Fenwick. This will be a great finesse rod for you if you go with it.