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Aloha! (No, I'm not Hawaiian...but I do have family in Hawaii...I love it there!)

Last summer, I was coming home from carp fishing at the Toronto Islands and I bumped into someone near my apartment. I got chatting with him and he is a member here on Fishing Fury. I'm sorry I forgot your name...but I finally found my way here.

My real name is Ken. My friends called me MuskieBait because I'm a small guy, and the running joke is that if they ever want to catch a muskie, they'll just put me on the hook and ask me to splash around in the water, haha.

I frequent a lot of fishing forums. Some of my favourite forums are actually from around the world. I've been doing a little bit of traveling for work and for pleasure...and I love to fish wherever I go. Most of the time I fish for exotics by DIY fishing...but sometimes I just need to go on a charter to get at some exclusive fish.

I'm a species hunter. I like to catch them all. Steve Wozniak is my hero! He has caught over 1000+ species of fish and he's striving for 2000. At the moment I'm only sitting at 206 species...but I got age and potential to my advantage, haha! I also like to take good photography of my species. Maybe I can show them later if there is interest.

I'm a pretty dedicated angler...I guess. I don't have a boat at the moment...just no storage space for it even if I can afford a secondhand tinny. I do a lot of landbased fishing and sometimes off friends' boats. There really is no type of fishing that I don't like....EXCEPT fishing for bass...never really got all the hype with bass fishing. Bass are weak...fairly predictable...far too available and far too common. Never got the hype...I'd rather go chase an obscure, rare, difficult to catch minnow species than spend a day bass fishing, ha! Oh...and no thanks for hillbilly hand fishing...not really my thing...I like to catch them on rods and reels.

I like to write long detail reports. I don't name fishing locations...rarely I will name where I'm fishing. However, I am very liberal with techniques and conditions. It really doesn't matter where people fish as long as they know how to target them! I have been know to write trip reports that are over 30 pages (I write my report in MS Word first...so I don't lose anything). I write my reports to share experience, and to document my own adventures (so I can look back on them when I'm old and forgetful, haha). I don't need to brag...so don't take it as such. People who really know me know I'm very humble and I don't have an ego. I'm usually the first to help out as long as I know what I'm talking about.

I believe an intro is worthless without pics...so here we go with some pics. Again, this is not to brag and pound chest...just to share some experiences and let you get to know me a little better...

I love icefishing...this was just from last weekend.


I love catching all sorts of species. I spent all spring and early summer chasing for my first bowfin last year. After 7 unsuccessful trip but with a lot of observation, understanding, adaptation of techniques...I finally got my bowfin on Canada Day! This was my 3rd and biggest bowfin of last summer.


I've recently really taken a liking for carp fishing. As opposed to other people, I like to use light line and light float rigs. Here a fat common carp from early May.


I also love float fishing and bottom bouncing for brown trout and rainbow trout...although I usually don't have much time to chase fish on the prime days.


Gar on the fly anyone?


In 2007, I graduated from University of Waterloo...and I took a 2 month vacation in Hawaii to visit my uncles and grandma. Yeah, lucky me!

Bones on the Hawaiian flats...super clear, super spooky bones...terribly challenging...but so rewarding!


Fishing on my friend's boat in Hawaii...got this 120lb yellowfin tuna on our first ever trip together. I spotted a white bird circling looking down at bait. When we pointed the boat to the area, we saw some porpoises working bait...and as soon as out line go into the area...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZ!!! Sounded like a chainsaw going off! Totally wicked!


Chucking Zara Spooks at barracuda on the flats. It was WFO with chases and hits every cast! It was total mayhem!


In 2008, my friend and I planned a 21-day, 5500km fishing road trip to cover some serious grounds in British Columbia and Alberta. We tried to catch as many salmonid as we could!

Dry fly fishing for arctic grayling British Columbia...one of my favourite memory of our road trip!


When in BC, go sturgeon fishing!


Love the way these sturgeon pull and jumped! Can't beat it!

Oh wait...fishing in Montauk at 3am in chest high surf during striped bass madness is pretty damn rad!


So is catching the striper's relative across the pond in France...same thing...night time surf fishing for European Seabass...pretty cool!


Hammering some Greek species in the Mediterranean Sea while across the pond. This one is a Painted Comber


Last Christmas, I took a trip to Southeast Asia and Perth, Australia.

When in Thailand, you catch Mekong Catfish...


...and Siamese Carp...


...and strangely, they stock exotic species...so here's a Redtail Catfish from the Amazon...in Thailand...


Of course there are some cool local natural exotics...

Bronze Knifefish anyone? These guys loves freelined crickets...


...so do these Tinfoil Barbs...


...like my friend said...it's like fishing at Big Al's!

When in Perth, Australia in the summer time (their summer time that is), you go vertical jigging for sambos (samsonfish). Somehow I managed to get this away from all the sharks and brought it up...


...Some of the sharks are not too smart...and I hooked a 5' copper shark that tired me out after 15 minutes...then the captain had enough after fighting it for another 10 minutes...then another 2 guys in the boat hanging on for only 5 minutes each...yeah...littlest guy on the boat went the hardest on the shark for the longest...and also landed the largest sambo of the day. Don't mess with MuskieBait! Haha. Too bad the shark cut the line of the surface...and I couldn't manage a good picture...

When in Hong Kong in the winter, you go fishing with 3 other friends on a little dinghy, casting toward all the boat yards and pier pilings...and you may just get lucky with some Japanese Seabass...


Anyways, I'm heading out icefishing tomorrow. Gotta get some ZZZZZZ in.

Thanks for having me here!


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Absolutely speechless *slow clap*

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Hi jwm, thanks for the welcome. Is there a reason why I cannot see my own introduction post?

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Nice to see another muskie nut on board. Cant see your intro either but welcome.

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Absolutely speechless *slow clap*
Whats speechless. Is there a pic im missing?

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Okay...since the original post is up...I'll just chop some of the stuff in this "re-post" and leave a couple of pictures here. Thanks jwm!

When in Florida, go fishing with Capt. Ben Chancey for Goliath Grouper! If you don't know who Capt. Ben Chancey is...do a search on YouTube for "Chew On This Goliath Grouper". He's freaking hardcore...and I love it!!! He's an awesome guy to fish with...and I learned quite a bit from him.


Unfortunately, the weather messed our fishing up with murky waters and the wrong tides. We missed a good bite and that was it. However, I did end up with a nice 33” snook…


…and this 12lb Gag Grouper made us thought we had a Goliath Grouper on the line!


Anyways, thanks for having me here! I hope to learn from you and I can contribute what I know.


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Whats speechless. Is there a pic im missing?

Yes, there were A LOT of pictures you were missing. Prepare yourself lol

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All good now! Thanks!

**And you guys are in for a treat...check until the Fishing Chat sub-forum ;)

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Thanks Ken for the excellent pics and writeups. Nice to have stuff like this in the winter when most boards tend to slow down!!! Cheers Casey