View Full Version : Turn Key - Mechanically Perfect Boat for Sale $2,000 with Trailer

David Blaine
04-07-2012, 01:26 AM
Hey Guys,

I have a 15' 1975 Lakefield Syncro Bow Rider boat with trailer for sale that is perfect for fishing and cruising with friends. It sits nice and low in the water like a Bass boat when stationary and gets up on a plane nicely when cruising along or trolling. Nice and light and can be pulled and launched even by a mid size car (I used to drive everywhere with it attached to a Subaru Forester). It's a tri-hull fibreglass boat with full controls (start/shut off, steering wheel and throttle control) up front and a Sony CD player as well. I have fully replaced the ENTIRE electrical system and installed a modern fuse panel and separate wiring for each circuit including bilge pump and all lights. All new eyelets for the ropes with perfect seals on each. Good strong battery, 2-Stroke 50HP Johnson outboard motor from 1976 with full tune up done this spring and lower unit oil change as well. New prop installed last season with not a mark on it and a banged up spare just in case you hit something. FULLY water tight hull with no leaks or seepage. Brand new ignitor, plugs and wires this spring. Starts and runs beautifully everytime with remote choke setting right below the throttle control up front. New wheel bearings and "bearing buddies" installed on trailer with 1 summer old tires and 2 spare tires and rims included.


Again, this is fully turn key. Seats and carpet are a bit rough but other than that the boat has been well maintained and runs like a top. Shoot me an email at [email protected] "geemail.com" for more info or to come pick it up.


04-08-2012, 10:08 AM
Not bad makes me wish I had the money and the space.

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