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    Quote Originally Posted by araret View Post
    What species are you going for this time, MB?
    That will be revealed later. My chance at catching them is slim at I don't want to get my hopes up (or anyone else's).

    Hint: BCF and NSH are the acronyms.

    I also hope to do some saltwater fishing in the bay...all I'm hoping for is just nice stable weather so I have a chance at my targets.
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    I'll be bringing my fly rod and zazzy pops because I promised owljones I would catch some big canadian bass/musky on them. I'll probably bring a bucket for stripping into as well cause I dont need my brand new 80 dollar fly line getting ripped on the boat or something. Hopefully there isnt too much wind!
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    Quote Originally Posted by araret View Post
    What kind of dragonfly lure are you using? I just bought one from River2Sea topwater dragonfly lure. Cant wait to try it out.
    I have homemade ones made from cut down plastics. Let me try to find a pic of one of my new ones this year. I recently bought 50 from a guy on Ebay, I'm waiting for them to arrive.

    Here ya go... a pic of "this years model"

    Click image for larger version. 

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    These ones float really well as they are stuffed with the poly float beads that you would usually put into a roe bag. I normally give them a quick spray of Garlic to take off any residual plastic / glue scent.
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