Hey guys! We haven't posted an update or announcement here in a while and since there's tons of stuff going on behind the scenes right now I thought it would be good idea to let you guys know about some of the upcoming changes. As always, we appreciate your feedback throughout the entire process.

So, where to start? Well most recently I re-landed in Canada as a permanent resident in July and started a new job on Friday! Over the last few months I've also been working on a new design for the main site. We will also be removing the majority of ads in favour of sponsorships and direct relationships (vs google ads). The google ads we're really only added to help cover bills over the last eight months and I don't see that being a problem now.

We've also teamed up with Dizm Eyewear so look forward to some contests where you could win a fantastic pair of polarized glasses.

Unfortunately the forums probably won't get the same treatment as the main site for a little while. I'm still looking in to alternatives to vBulletin but haven't found a self-hosted solution that fits.

Other than that, the only other thing to do is GO FISHING!