CSFL All Star Fishing Tournament Toronto Harbour July 01, 2014

Get ready Toronto. The shorelines of Canada’s largest city has been chosen to become the home for the CSFL All-Star Invitational.
Stouffville, Ontario – April 15, 2014– The Competitive Sport Fishing League announced today that the All-Star Invitational will take place on Canada Day, July 1st, 2014 within the Toronto Harbour.
This summer the CSFL will host its inaugural All-Star Invitational within the Toronto Harbour, increasing community awareness for angling opportunities along the city shorelines, bringing more exposure to the sport and only 3 days prior to the National Fishing Week, where a fishing licence is not required.
The CSFL continues to strive to create a league for anglers in order that they become recognized for their individual performance and, in doing so, making CSFL anglers a household name. This will allow anglers to be awarded accordingly through high profile venues like the Toronto Harbour, which brings credibility to the sport in hopes of attracting more corporate support so that the CSFL can grow this event, and its rewards, by encouraging manufacturer support with endless opportunities for angler endorsements.
The CSFL will invite all 51 Qualifiers of the 2013 BASSMANIA National Classic representing 7 Divisions made up of hundreds of CSFL anglers from across Southern Ontario to compete as individuals within the Toronto Harbour in search of big bass and the chance to capture the Nation’s 2014 Angler of the Year title.
More exciting details to follow.
Location & Launch
The Blast Off and Weigh In will be held at the Harbour Front Centre:
275 Queens Quay West
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1A2
All competitors will be launching at Ashbridge’s Bay Park:
1681 Lakeshore Blvd East
Toronto, Ontario
M4L 3W6
*Parking for trucks and trailers are currently being arranged, details will be released upon finalization.
Participant Information
CSFL All Star Invitational
Boundaries for the CSFL All Star Invitational are from the furthest west tip of West Island to Ashbridges Bay - competitors must stay within one mile of the shoreline.
Restriction Zones:Western Channel, Eastern Channel, In front of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.
Please Note: the 50 yard rule will not apply for the CSFL All Star Invitational but boats cannot touch.
The Harbour Master and Deputy Harbour Master, for this event only, will waive the standard requirement for individuals who are not in possession of a valid Powered Vessel’s Operator’s Permit and will obtain a temporary waiver to that permit. Anglers wishing to fish outside of the CSFL All Star event (those who wish to pre-fish) will have to either be in possession of the Toronto Port Authority’s Powered Vessel Operator’s Permit, or obtain a timed and temporary waiver to that permit by calling Michael Riehl (Deputy Harbour Master) at 416-462-1227. The temporary waiver is good for 14 days and costs $20. It can be obtained by telephone. Michael Riehl will be able to advise those interested what the rules and regulations are for fishing in the Port and Harbour.
Please Note: During your pre fish please be considerate to residents, marina and boat owners. At this point there are no restrictions other than the restrictions set forth by the Toronto Harbour, which includes the Airport restricted zone.
Safety Plan:
All participants must be wearing an approved personal floatation device; each participant must have a method with which to call for emergency assistance if required; all boats must have the required boating safety equipment present on board.
All competitors must have a “coach” on board with them during the event. A coach can be anyone that is not a guide or has not guided within the Toronto Harbour. In the case of only one angler being able to participate out a Classic team qualifier, coaches can be your CSFL co-angler from the regular season.
Please Note: Coaches are to have the same responsibilities as a standard scrutineer, this means they are not permitted to fish.
Blast Off/Weigh In:
The CSFL All Star Invitational Blast Off will commence at 7:00 am with Weigh In at 2:00 pm.
The CSFL has increased the first place prize to a $10,000.00 Lund Boat Package. The optional payout prize pool will be in place as projected in the previous email. This optional fee will be $200, inclusive of HST, and the prize pool will cover second place to overall big fish. Please find the payout structure below for your reference. Please notify the CSFL if you are planning on entering the additional prize pool.
Based on 51 anglers at $200 (per person), noted below is the projected payout for the upcoming CSFL All-Star Invitational Event.
1: $10,000 Lund Boat Package
2: $2,000
3: $1,000
4: $800
5: $750
6: $700
7: $650
8: $600
9: $550
10: $500
Lunker (LM): $400.00
Lunker (SM): $400.00
Over All Big Fish: $600.00
Anglers must confirm participation by Wednesday, June 25.
Please Note: This event will be recorded for a future television project.
If you have any further questions regarding the CSFL All Star Invitational please do not hesitate to contact our office at 905-640-2277.
See you on the water,