What an amazing treat for the lucky anglers fishing January 27 2015 just south of Quepos, they were fishing for Snook near one of the river mouths just south of Quepos / Manuel Antonio when they got the shock of a lifetime. After hooking up what they thought was a Snook the Tarpon went airborne and as it exploded out of the water the fishermen and crew were dumbfounded when they realized they had a Tarpon hooked up.

Not know to even be in the area, and never targeted for this reason the Tarpon was hooked and released and caused an amazing stir in the small fishing village of Quepos. Now after hearing of a story like this most would say “yeah right” however the photos that we received from and were taken by Captain Ricardo on the IDRA II it is clearly a Tarpon caught on the boat of Jeffery Zapata.