Golfers! Sorry for not giving much notice, but this coming Thursday night,

the 25th August 2016 at Lionhead Golf Club in Mississauga at 6pm to 9pm

Laura Bilotta the Toronto matchmaker behind Single in the City


Singles Golf Lessons and Mixer with the Golf Pros at Lionhead. The mixer portion of the evening will include fresh fruit combined with gourmet chocolate and two servings of cold pressed juice made right on the grounds (a real life electric 'mixer' will be present!). The lessons are 'skills drills' golf lessons workshops taught by Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy wherein men rotate through the challenges one way, and ladies progress in the opposite direction so everyone spends time together. The evening concludes with a thrilling one - hole golf game for a weird and wild prize of some kind. Plus one free drink at Iggys for everyone after we isolate the winner on the ninth hole (of the Master's course) at Lionhead and there Iggys patio is very close.

You can read the whole itinerary on Laura's blog About the Singles Golf Lessons & Mixer at Lionhead. The event should be highly memorable and is great value for $40 ea. Again sorry for the late notice.