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There isn't a single fisherman I know that wouldn't sell every lure he had to sit down at the table with a pro angler and soak up some hearty secrets about their favorite species. A pro angler is a walking evolving encyclopedia of fishing knowledge, the chance to chat with them about fishing for a few moments can change your entire perspective on a species or presentation.

Today we're bringing that opportunity to you! Since our previous interview with pro angler and first lady of fishing Kim Bain-Moore, we've been dying to sit down with another pro angler and this time we felt compelled to let our readers have the opportunity to ask a pro angler the questions they've always wanted answer to. This is your chance to ask a pro angler anything you want!

Paul Meleen is a pro angler and this year's FLW Walleye Angler of the Year (more), he has won over $100,000, weighed-in over 1000 lbs of walleye throughout his career, and has an insatiable appetite for fresh fish.

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“Winning Angler of the Year means I was the best out there in 2010,” said Meleen. “And that’s something no one can take away from me. It gets harder and harder every year to win, so I feel very fortunate.

“I’m old school; I simply put more time in than anyone else. I’m practicing from sunrise to sundown, trying to find something off the wall. I also have the confidence of a great sponsor team. Foremost among them is Evinrude. Cabela’s has also been instrumental, and I’ve been with Ranger Boats since 1988. In fact, I was the first walleye pro to run a 600-Series Ranger.”

“I’ve had two goals for a long time. The first was to win Angler of the Year and the second was to win the year-end championship. I’m halfway there, and this could be my year.”</blockquote>

Post your questions for Paul Meleen in the comments below. We'll choose the best ones and include them in our interview. This is your chance to ask a pro angler anything about fishing, walleye, the FLW tour, and everything in between.