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    Hey guys, new member here. I'm a student at UTM who's
    been fishing since I was a little kid, but that was probably 5-6 times a year when camping and an occasional trip. Starting this year though I decided to be a lot more serious and have been out a lot. I lack a car so most of my fishing was within the GTA. Thanks to this site, I've learned out the TO Islands and on the 5 outings in May, I did not get skunked. It was fantastic, especially since I've never fished for pike using lures before.I've been up to Bonnechere and Restoule Provincial Parks this summer and the bass fishing was fantastic, my dad also managed to catch his PB smallie, a 19 incher. I've been out a few times for carp but have not had any luck, so next May I might try to focus my efforts on them rather than pike. I'm also keen on catching my first salmon. I live near the Humber and have been to the mouth, and while I didn't catch any salmon I snagged the biggest, fattest bullhead ever, as well as a 30 inch pike.I was planning on going to the credit this Friday butit'll probably be too muddy after tomorrows rain (hopefully not). I'm also looking forward to the Lake Simcoe perch action, last year I had a blast.

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    Hey Saul,

    I am actually off work on Friday and I'd be willing to meet up with you at the Credit to fish for some salmon, I'll probably be targetting steelhead but the credit is my home river I am sure I can get you hooked into something give me a pm

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    Welcome aboard!
    Yes, Ed F took my avatar photo.

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    Welcome! The credit river holds several other species too!

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