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OFN Invitational – Lake Nipissing, June 26-27 2004

OFN Invitational

It sounded like a great idea… A Pike tournament at Lake Nipissing hosted by Ontario Fishing Network and Lakair Lodge. Not to mention a chance to meet all of the great OFN’ers in person.

We contacted Lakair Lodge the day before the OFN Crayola Invitational pike tournament to make sure there was a place for us to stay. Luckily there was, so we got all of our gear together and headed out the next day. Neither Jon or myself had ever traveled so far north, but we looked forward to it with great anticipation. The drive was long, but the thoughts of unexpected adventures ahead helped pass the time.

We arrived late in to the night, nearly one in the morning. Expecting everyone to be asleep we parked the car and decided to go have a look at the lake. After just a few steps we could hear music and laughter. We immediately knew it could only be the good ole boys from Ontario Fishing. We moved the car and went to introduced ourselves. After we shared a few drinks and fishing stories it was off to bed.

We woke up early, but many people had already set out for a day of fishing, did they even sleep we wondered. With no time for breakfast we launched our canoe and set out to explore the lake for the upcoming tournament.

After a few hours fishing with little success, Jon missed a small muskie and all I had was a small pike, we headed back to the dock for some food. In total there were about fifty people participating in the event. Though we were at a slight disadvantage being in our canoe while everyone else had a decent boat, we were there to catch fish, and that was exactly what we were going to do. The group assembled at the dock and we posed for a group shot before heading out.

OFN Invitational Group Shot

We knew we were limited to locations we could fish due to the canoe so we decided to fish near by shore lines. It didn’t take long to catch the first fish, a small pike caught on a dressed Mepps Aglia #5. It didn’t take long to get more pike after that. We looked for weed beds and concentrated on shallow water less then ten feet deep. After releasing a couple small ones, I finally got some decent fish that were worth keeping for the tournament. The key colors seemed to be a white/chartreuse/orange combination. As the end of the tournament drew near we headed back to measure up. Surprisingly one of my pike was the largest overall and I was in first place, of course there were still several people that needed to weigh in. In the end ,I had placed in the top four! The fishing wasn’t the best, but the OFNers were all great and we certainly will be attending again!

OFN has a cool video clip from the tournament hosted at