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Trout Opener 2012

For trout opening day a few friends and I headed up north to try a semi-remote section of the Boyne River. We arrived around 5AM and hiked down the long path through dense forest and thick mud. When we finally arrived at the bottom almost 30 minutes later we saw a small pod of steelhead. The day started well with me catching a nice 10″ resident brown trout, but the action on the Boyne slowed as the sun continued to rise above the tree line. At about 11AM we decided to leave and find new water and after a lengthy walk back uphill through the mud we took out a map and planned out our next destination. We would head southwest to a small Lake Ontario tributary where Eric swore we would catch something. Now as much as we hassle Eric for his sometimes outlandish fish tales this location completely lived up to the hype!

Steelhead Trout Double Header