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Dzim Eco Eyewear

Dizm Eyewear is a relatively small company born on Hermosa Beach, California in 2009 with the aspirations of creating environmentally conscious products that bridge the gap between action sports and fashion. They’re well-known in the surfing and skateboarding community, but chances are many fishermen have never heard of this quality brand.

Dizm Eyewear Eco Collection - Dempsey (men's)

Dizm’s eco collection are made from 100% renewable and biodegradable cellulose acetate, a plant-based material made from cotton, wood, and palm oil. Before you ask, they’re highly unlikely to decompose in your lifetime, but they’ll biodegrade in less than half the time of your typical pair of plastic sunglasses (about 500 years). These prescription ready frames are paired with quality components like stainless steel hinges and 100% UV protective polarized lenses. The entire collection is priced under $100 USD and available in several different styles and colours (Eco Dempsey pictured above) for both men and women.

Winter Steelhead Fishing

Sunglasses are without a doubt one of the most important tools a fisherman can have, but having a pair that performs well and are actually fashionable to wear off the water is invaluable. Not only has Dizm created a fantastic pair of sunglasses that look and perform great, but in the process they’ve achieved their goals and created an eco movement known as Dizm Dayz. So many of the people I know that are interested in renewable and biodegradable products are driven by price and unwilling to pay a premium for them. However, I feel that Dizm has come up with a fair and competitive price ($95 USD) for an outstanding environmentally responsible product.

5.0 / 5.0

Dizm eyewear has done an outstanding job of creating fashionable, high quality, and eco-friendly sunglasses that won’t break the bank.