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Fishermen’s Tack Pack

The Fishermen’s Tack Pack from Roam Products is, to put it simply, a travel size tackle pack that rolls up into a neat bundle that easily fits into your cargo pants or vest pocket.

Construction & Appearance

The exterior of the Tack Pack is made from a light, durable nylon that’s stain and water resistant. The Tack Pack comes in several colours, I think the textured camouflage looks the best, but there is also a red and black vinyl, as well as a smooth black nylon. The edges are only single stitched but show no signs of wear after an intense three day shore fishing trip shuffling around my back pack as well as being pulled and picked for various items. The ring clip is riveted securely into position through a piece of solid material sewn into the tack pack’s center, and the exterior clip is your standard plastic release buckle.

4.0 / 5.0

Nicer than your average tackle binder. Black- Check. Camouflage- Bonus!


Inside the Tack Pack you will find several clear zip-close bags for storing just about all your tackle needs. I’ve filled mine with my all my terminal tackle: hooks, weights, swivels, split rings, leaders, even some plastic baits. I must say having these small items out of my plastic plano boxes, and into a nice organized binder like this makes fishing out that one just-the-right-size item so much easier.

In the field it was a breeze to unwrap and pull out nicely coiled fluorocarbon leaders for the guys who didn’t have them, even fetching split rings was easy- and those are always a pain to pick out of your standard plano box. There are a few improvements that could be made however. The bags could be thicker, though I haven’t punctured any yet- and I have several dressed treble hooks in a single bag, so maybe I’m over engineering. Also, the bags do not close completely; meaning you cannot store moist softbaits like GULP!, having a binder of reliably water tight bags would be invaluable these days. “Dry” plastics, like the Yum Money Minnow or Slug-go are fine to store here.

3.5 / 5.0

Thicker water tight bags for storing moist softbaits would be killer.

Usability & Pricing

The Fishermen’s Tack Pack provides a perfect package for all your terminal tackle, and more. Depending on the species you’re targeting the Fishermen’s Tack Pack could carry everything you need. It won’t carry big pike and musky baits, but you could easily fill the Tack Pack with everything you need for panfish, carp, catfish, and even bass.

The wrapped and buckled style makes for a tight, yet expandable package. This prevents your tackle from moving around in the bag which is very important when storing hooks, flies, and other sharp objects. The Tack Pack fits easily in to your backpack, vest, pullover, cargo pants, and even the back pocket of your jeans- making the Fishermen’s Tack Pack a great product for people with a limited amount of space, like shore fishermen, fly fishermen, and even kayakers.

The Fishermen’s Tack Pack sells for $24.99 USD and normal the replacement bags are $6.99, and $7.99 for the split compartment bags. Looking around Bass Pro Shops I found several tackle binders and replacement bags for pretty much the same price. The only differences I noticed in the other binders were if the bags were water tight and if they had metal grommets around the holes. I also noted that most of the binders available had very cheap exteriors and light metal zippers.

4.0 / 5.0

Sells for a fair price and keeps everything in a nice tight bundle that fits easily in convenient places.


The Fishermen’s Tack Pack from Roam Products is now an integrated part of my fishing gear and I feel it’s of equal or greater value than most of the commercially available binders in your local big box fishing store. Overall it’s a great product you’ll definitely find useful.

3.8 / 5.0

The Fishermen’s Tack Pack is a great product, but water tight bags would make it a killer product.

Download the Fiserhmen’s Tack Pack Web Flyer.