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Fishing Butler

Years ago I purchased a set of locking elastic rod ties at a sporting show. I used these ties to easily organize my rods when biking down to the lake shore. Over time I lost one. Then I lost the other. Desperately I searched the net, not quite remembering what they were called, trying to find them again. I thought for sure they were called “Rod Butlers”, but the search for such a thing came up empty so I gave up… Years passed then one day while fishing, Jon handed me a new set of “Fishing Butlers” and asked me if I would like to review them. I laughed and I said, “The review is already written!” These gizmos easily lock tight, keep secure and even have a little foam guard to prevent rod damage. For what they do you can’t get any better. Once you get them, though, try not to lose them. Rig it!

Fishing Butlers sell for less than 5 bucks a pair, and you can buy them online in the US and Canada. But for your chance to win a fishing butler for free, go check out our KokeMachine trivia contest now!

5.0 / 5.0

Keeps your rods light and tight!