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RedRam Merino Wool Thermal Undergarments

RedRam is part of the already established Ice Breaker family of merino wool products well-known for creating garments from sustainable and ethically sourced merino wool. Ethics and sustainability are of such importance that Icebreaker even goes so far as to offer a “Baacode” program that allows you to trace the wool in your garment all the way back to the source.

Merino wool is a natural fiber harvested from Merino sheep and commonly used in high-end, performance athletic-wear where warmth and wicking are of the utmost importance. RedRam and Ice Breaker ethically harvest their wool from sheep farmers in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. In this environment the sheep will experience temperatures from 95F (35C) to -4F (-20C) and grow an enormously dense coat of wool. Without such a heavy-duty insulator the sheep would not survive. Other natural abilities of Merino wool include the ability to retain heat when wet and even some antibacterial properties.

Design & Construction

I received both the long sleeve and short sleeve top, as well as the companion boxers and long johns. My first impressions of the material came the moment I removed them from the box sent to me by RedRam. The material was surprisingly soft, all the seams are flat-lock stitched, the waistband is soft and stretchy, and the tag wasn’t itchy or annoying.

After several weeks of wearing the RedRam undergarments I can tell you that despite being so thin, they’re incredibly strong. The stitching and waistband are both very comfortable and did not bind or pinch in any areas. The garments fit tight to the body and but do not feel restrictive in any way they’re very comfortable and pleasing to wear like a perfectly tailored suit.

4.5 / 5.0

A fantastic design utilizing quality materials and superb construction.

Performance & Comfort

To test the performance and comfort of RedRam thermals I wore each set at least once a week and I wore them as an everyday garment as well as a performance garment for the outdoors. The most impressive feature I found while wearing them was their adaptability when moving from warm to cold environments. This became especially clear when I was out Christmas shopping. After a few hours of hiking around the city, going in and out of heated shops and stores. I realized something during the repeated bundling and unbundling process of my jacket, scarf, and gloves. I was sweating almost the entire time, but I didn’t feel wet, and I definitely didn’t feel cold. The undergarment felt softer, almost silky, as they absorbed the moisture around my body and wicked it away to the outer layer.

In terms of comfort and performance under pressure, RedRam exceeded my expectations. To top that off, the antibacterial nature of wool also holds true. I wash them with a mild soap in cold water with my regular laundry and leave them on a rack to dry naturally and there are never any residual odours.

5.0 / 5.0

RedRam is honestly the most comfortable performance undergarment I’ve ever warn.


The price for RedRam garments can fluctuate a bit depending on where you live. The short sleeve top, long sleeve top, and long johns sell in the $40-60 dollar range on average. The boxers sell for slightly less, about $30-40. You can check with your local retailer, but your best bet is to check RedRam’s website for retail partners in your area and do a little shopping around for the best price.

I spent some time looking around at MEC, Bass Pro, Europe Bound, Marks Work Warehouse, Gander Mountain, and several other local and online retailers and found these prices are consistant with other merino wool based garments. Though many of these garments weren’t 100% merino, even more of them didn’t mention if their materials are sourced ethically, and none of them are marketed as an “everyday thermal”.

4.0 / 5.0

A high quality product made from ethically sourced, sustainable materials, and sold for a fair price.


RedRam markets themselves as the “everyday thermal” and they really do live up to that moniker. They’re light enough to comfortably wear at the office or other heated environments, yet ready to unleash their performance at the first sign of cold and moisture.

RedRam thermals are a powerful base layer protection against the cold as well as a highly adaptable breathable, wicking, layer made from a natural sustainable fiber. I wish all my undergarments could be RedRam!

4.5 / 5.0

RedRam’s marketing is no lie, they are the softest, most comfortable performance undergarment I’ve ever worn. So comfortable in fact, I wish I could wear them everyday.