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The Best Baitcast Reel Under $100

We covered some of the most expensive and attractive reels available on the market today in our recent feature article Dream Reels, but what is the best cheap reel? I’ve used a handful of baitcasters over the years, all in the $140 – $250 price range. To the average fisherman, any reel (or combo for that matter) over $100 is too much. I work with a couple of guys who loved fishing when they were young, but haven’t fished in years. My constant bragging talk about fishing has got them both interested in fishing once again. My buddy Adrian, who has joined me fishing at Albro Lake a few times, didn’t waste anytime getting a new rod and reel. We took a trip over to Canadian Tire and managed to find one of their “expensive” spinning combos on sale at half off the normal price of $79.99.

My other friend Dominic already has a cheap spinning combo, but after I showed him a few of my reels he has decided to purchase a baitcaster. This is a problem here in Nova Scotia, there is very little selection because most fishermen here target trout, and trout fishermen don’t use baitcasters, which of course means most stored don’t carry any. I’ve been on a mission to find him a good deal on a solid baitcaster, but its hard to find a great reel for a good price. There are a few deals to be had on Ebay with used reels, but you never know how well they will really work. I have a trip to August, Georgia next month and will be pretty close to Bass Pro Shops so I told him I can pick him up a reel while I’m there.

After browsing their site I was amazed at the price of some of their reels, baitcasters for as cheap as $25.99! I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for, so reel that cheap has got to be too good to be true. I did however find a bunch of reels between $59 and $89 that get great reviews. I may have to return with two reels and add one to my collection! Here are the four reels I’ve narrowed it down to:

From left to right – Quantum Code ($79.99), Quantum Kevin Van Dam ($79.99), Pflueger Cetina ($89.95), Daiwa Megaforce ($59.95)

I’m leaning toward the Daiwa (and pairing it with a Lightning Rod), but figured I’d ask you guys what you favorite baitcast reel under $100 is. Are there any cheap reliable reels out there I need to know about?