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Where The Yellowstone Goes

Where The Yellowstone Goes is a film directed by Hunter Weeks that captures just about everything I love about great wilderness adventures and like any good adventure, or any good documentary for that mater, you often find what you least expected. Drifting down the Yellowstone through mesmerizing backdrops from the urban to the rural, from pristine to the contaminated, the 30-day voyage would take the team from Gardiner, Montana, to where the Yellowstone meets the Missouri River in North Dakota. Just two months before they left, 63,000 gallons of crude oil seeped into the Yellowstone from a burst pipe beneath the river. Locals share their heartbreaking stories highlighting some of the lesser known impacts this disaster had on residents and businesses. The team personally witness and document some of the horrifying devastation and the disgustingly incomplete cleanup by the oil companies. Further downstream they meet up with members of Trout Headwaters who are tackling issues with residents building rock structures on the shores of the Yellowstone and causing erosion problems downstream. The encounters and interviews with locals are so powerful they could stand on their own.

DVD and Blu-Ray copies of Where The Yellowstone goes are available for purchase on the official online store for about $20 USD, but you can also find digital copies on iTunes and the film was recently released on NetFlix.

4.5 / 5.0

Where The Yellowstone goes is a fantastic film and piece of modern americana.