4 Eel Fishing

Posted on June 7, 2014 by

4 EEL FISHIN’ – Special Edition -RIG IT -The Derber

Looking for a fresh rig to drop for this summer’s fishing season or are you already dreaming of the frost of next year’s hard water? I’ve got fantastic news for you: the Double Baited Rattle Rig is going to put fat fish burgers into your belly. Have a laugh and learn all about it in this 4 minute long all animated 4 Eel Fishing special edition RIG IT sequence.

Posted on March 4, 2013 by

4 Eel Fishing – Hard Carpin’ Trailer

After years of being duped by the wary and popularly undesirable carp that are thriving in the Toronto harbor, the Kokemachine finally finds a method that works. Join the him and his giant Estonian associate as they figure out how to catch the dark brown monsters of the Toronto water ways. One question remains is it “Hard Carpin’ or “Carpin’ Hard”? Release date: Unknown.

Posted on October 13, 2012 by

4 Eel Fishing: Episode 4 Is Finally Here!

After a slew of technical difficulties that delayed the original release date, 4 EEL FISHING Episode 4 is ready for your viewing pleasure.

Better get yourself a helmet and install a seat belt in your favorite reclining chair as this is the longest, most intense and strangest comedic fishing show you may ever see.

Join all of Kokemachine’s 5 fans and check this baby out!

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