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The Biggest Walleye Ever Caught on Video?

I’m no die-hard walleye fisherman, but I’ve seen a few big walleye in my life time. At no point have I ever laid my eyes on one this big though!

The fish in the video above weighted 16 pounds at 32 inches long, with 20 inches of girth! If I hadn’t seen this on video, I’d suspect that the guys we’re drinking heavily and miss-identified a pike, but the video proves otherwise.

The current world record walleye is held by Al Nelson’s 22-pound 11-ounce walleye caught in Fairfield Bay on Greer’s Lake, Arkansas in 1982. But a 25-pounder was once caught in the Niagara River- though it was snagged by a salmon fisherman and did not qualify.

Evolve Baits
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Evolve Baits – The Next Generation of Realism

Hyper-realism is the next stage for the fishing lure industry. Gone are the days of the simple stick bait, the plastic frog, and the mass manufactured paint job. Today, we have baits that look so much like the real thing that you can’t believe they didn’t just coat a real frog in urethane. Evolve Baits are a prime example of this “hyper-realism”.

Evolve Baits are moulded from one of several three-dimensional hand-carved originals and all baits are hand painted and one-of-a-kind! I haven’t seen one of these up-close and in person, but the detail in the images is absolutely amazing.

We’re hoping to get our hands on one or two of these and do a proper full review so stay tuned. More photos after the break!

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Amazing Billfish Feeding Video

I know you’re probably getting ready for bed, but I had to post this video from Guy Harvey. It’s absolutely heart pounding! This is video proof that marlin and sailfish using their bills to stun baitfish when feeding, not to mention up close and personal! I don’t know if this is the first video ever, but it’s the first video I’ve ever seen of this quality.

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