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April Vokey Syndrome Is Spreading

We posted a photos of April last year, but didn’t know much about her at the time. Thanks to SwittersB, know we know a just a little bit more. April is a top notch fly-fishing columnist, instructor, guide and more.
Whoever said girls can’t fish needs to see this girl in action.

April VokeyApril Vokey

April VokeyApril Vokey

    My name is April Vokey and I am a fishing guide in the Fraser Valley.
    As a fly-fishing columnist, instructor, guide and steelhead stalker, there is hardly a day that goes by that I’m not chasing fish.
    It would sincerely be my pleasure to have you join me on these epic days to introduce and host you, novice or experienced angler, to our fantastic fishery and beautiful waters.
    I look forward to sharing this wonderful and memorable experience with you.

When April’s not catching huge fish, she can be found helping out the Stealhead Society by accepting fly donations.

Anyone else suffering from April Vokey syndrome (AVS), please comment here to be notified of a cure as soon as one is found.