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WE FISHIN' MANE - Brook Trout Skin
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We’ve all waited a long time for this day to come, but it’s finally here. A fresh new batch of die-cut stickers have just been delivered to my house and they’re ready for some lucky winners. Help us resurrect our facebook page by liking Fishing Fury on facebook. If we can get 100 likes before Sunday we’ll send stickers to 25 of our fans. If the number goes beyond 100 before Sunday we’ll up the ante accordingly.


UPDATE! If you can’t wait to win a set of stickers you can buy them!

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My First Guided Trip – Juanita River

I had never really thought of booking a guide, especially on waters I have been fishing my entire life, but it had to be one of the best experiences of my life. Not only was it my first guided trip, it was my first time on a kayak too. Juan, my guide from Kayak Fish PA, had me paddling like a pro in about an hour. After that, we were all over the smallmouth. I think we caught about 10 that trip, but none of the fish were under 16 inches, most being around 18 inches.

Guides are worth the money, so don’t let the high prices scare you away. You’ll learn a lot – even if you think you know it all…

– Nathan Follmer

Thank you for your entry in our 2010 Contributor Contest, it looks like you had a blast! We’ll be sending you a copy of Fins + Skins magazine for your efforts!

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FLW Trivia Contest Winners and Question #3

It’s time for part three of the FLW Fantasy Fishing Trivia Contest! As many of you already know the FLW Fantasy Fishing league is an exciting and interactive community that follows the FLW bass fishing tournament circuit sponsored by Walmart. Most notably the fantasy league offers a ton of payouts and prizes to its top ranked players to the total of $10 million dollars in cash and prizes.


This is your chance to win a free Players Advantage membership. This account offers you a huge advantage in the fantasy league including access to tournament picks, extended angler profiles, fantasy trends, insider content, the online edition of FLW magazine, and more!

Today’s question is multiple choice, so remember to choose carefully.

Which of the following statements about FLW Fantasy Fishing is true?

A. It’s the first fantasy sport game to award a guaranteed $1 million grand prize.
B. It’s free and fun to play.
C. It’s played in 123 countries around the world.
D. All of the above are true.

Continue reading to see the winners and leave your answer in the comments!

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