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Fishing Camp The Game – First Impressions

Fishing Camp is a fishing trivia board game from Education Outdoors aimed to please the whole family. Supporting up to eight players as young as four years old, the game separates trivia questions into four levels. Level one questions are simple, like identifying fish species or fishing tackle. The difficulty increases up to level four where many questions will test even the most seasoned anglers. Some trivia cards feature winnable items like fish species that you “catch” by getting the question right, or a GPS unit that allows you to take a shortcut. The first person back to the dock with their catch wins!

Fishing Camp Game

We’ve played several rounds here at Fishing Fury HQ and the level four questions have stumped even us on a few occasions. We think it’s fun, and you could probably play a game with just the trivia cards if you were on a road trip. But the true test will be when we call in the toughest critics we could find- the youtube generation. We’re even prepared to stage a blackout to make sure there are no distractions. We’ll be back with the full review just as soon as power is restored!