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Ashley Rae And The One That Almost Got Away!

Ashley Rae of was kind enough to let me repost this amazing report she made of the massive brown trout she caught in Cobourg, right near where I caught my first steelhead. When you’re done reading this report please head over to She Loves To Fish and read more!

There are moments where blogs seem to write themselves in my mind while an experience is taking place. The sun shines a little brighter, the cool water swirls around my wading boots.. ducks taking off just downstream and flying feet overhead. It sounds to be straight from a book, but no – it’s fly fishing. This weekend was truly one of those times, and as I am writing this I am smiling while reliving it all over again.

Usually my blogs start off as a story and I save the best photo for last… but this time I am going to lay it on you right away. CHECK OUT THIS FISH:

My first ever brown trout caught yesterday here in Ontario, Canada. (Yes, mud on my nose! haha)

Brown trout are officially the most beautiful fish I’ve seen here in Canada. This one was spotted during a steelhead mission on a Lake Ontario tributary with my usual fly fishing partner, Mikey Fitzgerald. We made quite a trek down stream towards the big lake and began fishing when we spotted a couple trout.

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