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Fish Flop Friday – Magic Edition!

While the internet is full of wondrous things, most people just use it to look at funny pictures. I can’t say I blame them, who doesn’t like funny pictures? Personally, I’m partial to funny pictures that include fish. Here are a few magical #fishflopfriday shots from Instagram.


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99 Problems But A Fish Ain’t One!

This fishy rap parody comes to us from fishing enthusiast and professional comedian Jesse Furman. Jesse combines his two passions to create the Reel Comedy fishing show where he travels the globe with an experienced guide in search of trophy fish. Any fisherman will tell you, “fishin’ ain’t easy”, but at least with Jesse on board you’re sure to hook into some big laughs.

via Reel Comedy TV

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What The Friday Caption Contest

We haven’t done a caption contest in a while, mostly because it takes a very special picture or video to inspire us. Today we have a video so wild we couldn’t even describe it! Hopefully you’ll have better luck though. The best description of this video left in the comments below will win a three pack of WE FISHIN’ MANE stickers!

Do not swim at Bass Pro Shops
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Do Not Swim at Bass Pro Shops

Sure maybe you’ve had the idea, but you’d have to be an idiot to attempt it. Yet surprisingly after writing that I googled to find a newspaper clipping and instead I found a bunch of videos on YouTube. Even more stupidity after the break!

Do not swim at Bass Pro Shops

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