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Flooding Across Europe – Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Spain

Thousands of people across Europe have been displaced by major flooding due to heavy rain. The man in the photo below was obviously quite lucky, both for catching a fish, and for not being in areas where the flood waters reached over 3 feet!

A local resident carries a fish, just caught on a flooded street, in the village of Felsohamor, Hungary, Sunday, May 16, 2010. The local River Szinva burst its banks flooding residential areas which residents tried to protect with sandbags seen at rear. (AP Photo/Bela Szandelszky)

via Boston’s Big Picture

I really love Boston’s Big Picture features, I’d also like to hope that one day I could do something like that here with Fishing Fury. But until that time, this image should serve as inspiration.

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We’ve Officially Finished Moving!

By now I hope everyone is seeing our website in it’s new home in downtown Toronto. So far the site has been super fast for me, after I fixed a few migration bugs of course, and I hope that nobody will experience the annoying page not found errors. I really hope that this has not hurt our page ranking with google, but we won’t know for a few weeks I’d guess.

In more exciting and fishing related news I went fishing at Lake Scugog with Ed on Sunday. This time we geared ourselves up for Bass hoping to land some big ones in the thick Scugog weeds. We were amazed that there was nobody on the lake considering it’s a holiday weekend, we had high hopes. Unfortunately the weather decided to throw all kinds of things at us, everything from wind to seriously heavy rain to brutal sun. Luckily not lightning though. It definitely wasn’t easy but we managed to catch a few decent fish, but most importantly of all have a good time.

Jonathon with a nice Scugog Walleye Ed with a Scugog Largemouth Getting away from a big storm

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