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Shark Week: We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat!

Shark Week, as you probably know, is one of our favourite times of year. It’s like early Christmas for us! For the last 24 years the Discovery Channel has sacrificed their entire weekly programming schedule to feed the sharks and our curiosity for these fascinating beasts. Streamed to over 70 countries around the world there is no doubt that Shark Week is a complete success. This compelling subject has attracted several celebrities to host Shark Week, including the MythBusters, Mike Rowe, Les Stroud, and most recently Andy Sandberg. With 23 seasons done, and many more to come, Shark week is the longest running cable program ever.

Shark Week has done a great job of spreading bona-fide information about Sharks to the general populace, dispelling mythology and folklore alike. Knowing more about sharks makes you respect them a lot more, and the more you respect them the more you know they’re an important part of the ecosystem and how horrific and disgusting shark finning is.

Shark week is a “must watch” in the fury household, and if we’re going to watch our favorite show you can bet that we’ll be watching on a crystal clear high-definition provider like Direct TV.

The last season of Shark Week, aptly named Relentless Fury is now available on DVD and the 20th anniversary collection is 4 discs of the most amazing footage of sharks you’ve ever seen. Both make an excellent Christmas gift to the shark lover in your family.

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GoPro Hero HD – First Impressions

The GoPro Hero HD has pretty much become the de-facto high definition point-of-view (POV) camera. Everyone from car enthusiasts, bike riders, fishermen, skiers, snowboarders, police, military, and even the MythBusters use them now! The Hero HD is a no frills powerhouse of a camera. On the actual camera you won’t find much more than a lens, a few buttons, and an LCD screen. The most versatile part of the GoPro is the waterproof shockproof case which can be mounted to just about anything you can think of, but this waterproof case has a small underwater problem.

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Two Short HD Videos From Dave Mercer’s Seminar @ BPS

I took a few short videos of Dave Mercer’s seminar at Bass Pro Shops yesterday, and I would have taken more if I had a tripod, but I wonder if that would have been a little too much. Anyway here are two great clips from the seminar. Both videos are available in high definition 1080 thanks to my Canon 7D.

Dave Mercer Makes It Rain at 2010 Bass Pro Shops – Dave Mercer gives a way about a dozen Casting for a Cure hats.

Dave Mercer on Kopper’s Live Target Lures at Bass Pro Shops – Dave Mercer talking about the fine detail and mimicry of the Kopper’s Live Target Lures.

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Water Torture Tank Escape Artist

I took my niece to the Canadian National Exhibit last Sunday, we had a great time on all the rides and playing games, I think by the end of the night she filled my backpack with at least 15 stuffed animals that she won all on her own. Before we left for the night I really wanted to check out this underwater escape artist who does a full view water torture tank escape. Much to my surprise it was even more intense than I imagined!

High Definition – CNE Water Torture Tank Escape (Kristen Johnson and Kevin Ridgeway)

It’s my understanding that Kristen Johnson is the only female in the world currently performing the water torture tank escape, and is the only person to ever do so in a full view tank.

This is the raw high definition footage straight off my new Sanyo WH1, I did not edit or modify the footage in anyway. Ironically the Sanyo WH1 is capable of underwater shooting, up to 10 feet deep, and while this footage is “underwater” the camera is not. I’m hoping to shoot some test footage underwater later this week or perhaps this weekend if I’m able to go fishing.

Stay tuned for a full review of the camera soon, and don’t forget to watch the full HD version of this video!

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