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Beware of Bungie Bridge Bears

Or if you prefer a boring headline, “How to recue a 250-pound bear stuck under a California bridge.” Apparently this black bear tried to cross the two lange bridge and was spooked by cars coming from both directions, instead of moving on, it decided to jump over the railing and some how managed to find the ledge right below the bridge.

Now if you wanted to get a base jumper off a bridge you just have to tell him you wont arrest him, he won’t believe you and he’ll just jump anyway.

Thanks to Jerry for sending me the photos!!

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Peoria Carp Hunters- Gladiators on Water Skis

There are many ways that the USA is dealing with the Asian Carp invasion, there’s the electric fences (that may have already failed), a campaign to get people to eat them by calling them “Kentuky Tuna“, even extreme aerial bow fishing groups, but none of these ideas are as awesome as this one from the Peoria Carp Hunters! Trailer is up first, full length cuts after the break!

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