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4 EEL FISHIN’ – Special Edition -RIG IT -The Derber

Looking for a fresh rig to drop for this summer’s fishing season or are you already dreaming of the frost of next year’s hard water? I’ve got fantastic news for you: the Double Baited Rattle Rig is going to put fat fish burgers into your belly. Have a laugh and learn all about it in this 4 minute long all animated 4 Eel Fishing special edition RIG IT sequence.

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4EEL FISHING Releases The Cryptoid Lure Co.

Introducing Cryptoid Lure Co, the official brand of lures manufactured by the Kokemachine from the web based info-comedy 4EEL FISHING. With colors inspired by various characters of the paranormal ilk, the Kokemachine has aspired to make some of the most tripped out and hilarious spoons that will ever land you a monster. These lures feature high impact glow in the dark powder paint combined with a unique multicolored tinsel tassel which conceals two talon sharp octopus hooks. When retrieved with violent pops followed by a drop and flop, the interaction between the tassel and the spoon serves to act as the fishly equivalent of waving the big ‘ole middle finger’ right in the face of potential predators. For these rage prone water beasts this simply calls out, “it’s murder time!” The result: Fish appear out of nowhere just to put the beats down on this lure.

Check out these spanking hot designs all inspired by boogymen and boogymen related activities. All proceeds go towards the production of future 4 Eel Fishing Episodes!

Each spoon goes for 12$ and includes free shipping to Canada and the US. Individuals who buy 50$ or more get a free “F*** CHUBS” collector’s mug.



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4 Eel Fishing – Hard Carpin’ Trailer

After years of being duped by the wary and popularly undesirable carp that are thriving in the Toronto harbor, the Kokemachine finally finds a method that works. Join the him and his giant Estonian associate as they figure out how to catch the dark brown monsters of the Toronto water ways. One question remains is it “Hard Carpin’ or “Carpin’ Hard”? Release date: Unknown.

Smartcast RF-30
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Hummingbird SmartCast Reviewed!

KokeMachine is back again with another review, but this one couldn’t have gone more different from the last. Unfortunately for the SmartCast RF-30 it’s the first product to receive a Feeble rating (1 out of 5)! Keep reading for the full review.

Imagine being able to cast out a fish finder sensor right on the end of your line, slowly reeling in and watching the underwater world of your favourite lake or stream unfold to you on your Dick Tracy-like wrist watch. The idea is brilliant and enchanting but the product is a horrible failure.

Continue Reading Our Review of the “Hummingbird SmartCast RF-30”

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