Lake St. Clair

Posted on August 20, 2012 by

MONSTER Lake St. Clair Musky!

ProFishermanJones posted this amazing video in our forums of him catching the 50″+ musky of a lifetime! There’s really no other worthy introduction than that, so watch it now.

Was out on the lake this morning/afternoon trying my hardest to get any sort of fish as always,
and boom i was hit well ruined actually with a MONSTER, my personal best fish of 51.5inches and had to be 40lbs give or take?
i was having trouble lifting it out of the net, but once she was out of the net and i got my other hand on her belly for support she only waved once to the camera so i was lucky because she truly was in control from hook set to the release.

Here is the video i hope everyone enjoys it!

Geez Ron, try being more professional next time and stop laughing. HAHA! I’m only kidding, you did a good job telling Jones to man up and lift that leviathan out of the water so we could all see it! If I were there I would have kept laughing and Mr. Jones would have probably released me in to the water right after that musky.

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