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The Common Carp- Fool’s Gold

Carp are probably the most underrated and under appreciated species you can catch on a rod and reel in Ontario, perhaps even North America. We know Europeans love carp fishing, but they don’t have the nearly as many sport fishing opportunities as we have here in North America. Not to mention that carp fishing in Canada is so easy in comparison because there is almost no fishing pressure on the species here.

Many fisherman look at carp as “garbage fish” because of their bottom feeding habits and invasive nature, but most just think the whole thing is boring. Sure it’s more exciting to burn around a lake on a nice boat chucking spinnerbaits and topwater lures for largemouth. But when’s the last time a bass almost spooled you? Probably never. I suppose with a name like Common Carp you can’t really expect too much excitement, but you’d probably change your mind after hearing your drag scream as they take off.

Have we really become that spoiled with opportunity here? Or have the bass fisherman finally found a group to pass on the cold shoulder given to them by trout fishermen. I certainly don’t feel the need to identify or type cast myself with a species, I’m a fisherman and I enjoy catching all manner and sizes of fish because it’s fishing that excites me. From the attitude I get from other fisherman you’d think I was panning in a river full of fool’s gold. But the truth is I know who the real fool is- the angry fisherman who couldn’t even catch a carp!

To see more photos from this carp fishing trip to London, Ontario in our gallery.

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